We believe in empowering our clients. Educational opportunities are a critical component of how we support our clients efforts in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Our educational content focuses on providing a foundational knowledge base to understanding:

The root causes of and risk factors for developing CVD.

How CVD is viewed and addressed within a Holistic - Functional Medicine Matrix framework.

Basic and advanced CVD diagnostic biomarker assessment (blood and imaging).

The most impactful and actionable means of preventing the development and/or progression of CVD.


We provide:

Free ongoing learning center and blog content.

Educational practice member content.

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A monthly webinar and newsletter.

Weekly blog notifications

Discounted nutritional counseling sessions.

Fee - $25.00 a month.

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Individual educational sessions.

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Health coach

Exercise physiologist/personal trainer

Heartmath trainer (stress reduction).


Physician - $500.00 per hour, prorated.

Other providers - $100.00 per ½ hour session.

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8 week CVD prevention course.

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Course begins on 6/1/2018.

Further details to follow.